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Heating your home is a big investment, from the initial purchase and installation to regular service and continuing monthly utility bills. You hope to live with your new furnace for the next twenty plus years. Pairing the right heating equipment with a reputable contractor is the cornerstone of your investment. Advanced Heating & Cooling is a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, separating us from our competitors through both exceptional service and superior equipment.

There is a wide range of choices available in heating equipment. Advanced Heating & Cooling installs only those manufacturers with proven track records of durability, efficiency and warranty coverage, and whenever possible, we promote Energy Star labeled options. By replacing an inefficient furnace, which is 10 or more years old, with Energy Star equipment, you’ll cut your annual energy bill by nearly $200.

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Advanced Heating & Cooling has an innovative solution to the most difficult heating problems. No ductwork? No natural gas line? No problem. We install propane and oil furnaces, geothermal heat pumps, ductless heat pumps, boilers and natural gas furnaces. We take HVAC to a new level with products that stand the test of time and offer the latest, most cutting-edge technology.

Our certified technicians will guide you through the numerous options available, helping you to select a system that perfectly meets your needs and expectations, and then ensuring the installation process is both convenient and rewarding. We pride ourselves on an attention to detail, conscientious service and quality installation.

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Even more important than the heating system you choose, is the integrity of your contractor. Improper installation can reduce a heating system’s efficiency by up to 30%, boosting utility bills while shortening the equipment’s lifespan. Unfortunately, many contractors cut corners, failing to inspect ductwork for cleanliness and size, and getting lazy when it comes to the proper size measurements on sheet metal fittings. There is nothing more critical to the operation and longevity of your furnace than accurate and careful installation.

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Advanced Heating & Cooling is a certified, bonded, licensed and insured heating and cooling business. We’ve installed thousands of furnaces, boilers and heat pumps in the Morgantown area. Our company continues to grow because of return business. Through industry-leading products and the most knowledgeable and highly trained technicians, we install systems that live up and go beyond expectations for efficiency, dependability and comfort. And you can guarantee we’ll still be around to handle your seasonal maintenance for years to come.

Call Advanced Heating & Cooling with total confidence in your comfort.

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